Watch List

The following individuals have been expelled from NCCER training and assessment programs due to their failure to uphold their responsibilities as agreed to. These individuals have no valid training and assessment credentials and/or certifications in the NCCER Registry. If you are provided with certificates, wallet cards, or transcripts by these individuals, understand that those documents have been rendered invalid and will not appear in the NCCER Registry.

Adam Hawkins46212343/6/2019
Alejandro Cortez107112863/22/2018
Brent Olano18591067/24/2018
Bret Gardner109619645/31/2018
Carl L. Lefler97958946/6/2022
Carlton Ray36041893/22/2018
Christopher Johnson51054904/18/2020
Davis Dufrene26926643/21/2022
Eduardo Trevino23478484/10/2019
Faye Olivarez51967423/6/2019
Gilberto Rivera75161555/7/2019
James "Trey" Walker III806996410/24/2019
Juan Hernandez59354463/23/2018
Mario Galvez5692105N/A
Oran Matthew Adams46631945/21/2019
Randy Hernandez129518351/28/2020
Robert Ortega39947437/9/2019
Robert Ruckstuhl2013259N/A
Ruben Mendez102225672/3/2019
Tamara Larocca105487337/24/2018
Wayne Doucet124855856/15/2021

The following companies or organizations have been expelled from NCCER training and/or assessment programs due to their failure to uphold their responsibilities as agreed upon under the NCCER Application for Accreditation and/or the NCCER Accreditation Guidelines & Program Compliance. These companies may no longer administer written assessments, performance evaluations and/or provide training. If any company or organization on this list presents itself as accredited with NCCER, please contact NCCER at 888-622-3720.

These companies are not eligible to participate in the specified program(s) until the date listed. Be aware that some names on the list may be common, therefore location information is provided.

Company NameLocationEligible Date
Goldsmith ConstructionSignal Hill, CAN/A
Omega AllianceLiberty, TXN/A
Pro Active Safety ConsultantsRobstown, TXN/A
Updated: 6/16/2016 1:45:46 PM